Fondazione Cariplo

Fondazione Cariplo is a foundation of banking origin that operates with the sole purpose of pursuing social good and promoting economic development by contributing grants to third party projects and carrying on initiatives of its own.

The mission of Fondazione Cariplo is therefore to be a resource that helps social and civil organisations to better serve their own community.

The Fondazione Cariplo furthers its mission by both funding non-profit organisations located in the Lombard territory and developing initiatives itself. Inspired by the principle of subsidiarity, the Foundation fosters the analysis and anticipation of community needs, and supports the development, testing and scale-up of effective and innovative solutions.

The Foundation operates across four areas:

  • "Arts and Culture", so as to protect heritage and foster creativity and innovation in the artistic and cultural sector;
  • "Environment", to improve, protect and educate a rational use of natural and environmental resources;
  • "Scientific Research", supporting human capital development as well as the production, exchange and dissemination of research findings;
  • "Social Services", in response to continuing and emerging social needs and addressing multiple themes such as social inclusion, disability, social housing, intercultural dialogue, social entrepreneurship, and international cooperation, among other.