Good Fashion Fund

The vision for the Good Fashion Fund is for manufacturers in the apparel supply chain (initial focus India, Bangladesh, Vietnam) to invest in impact technologies that deliver both economic growth and good fashion practice, mobilising the use of safe and recyclable materials, clean and efficient energy, closed-loop manufacturing and the creation of fair jobs and growth, Our goal is to create "more good" instead of simply being "less bad." Investments should at least lead to a reduction of a minimum of 50% of use of water, energy or hazardous chemicals and always have a positive impact on better lives and economy.

The Fund is unique and the only fund available that is purely dedicated to providing long-term USD finance for adoption of impact technologies in the apparel industry.

The Good Fashion Fund is a collaboration between C&A Foundation, Fashion for Good, FOUNT, and The Mills Hong Kong and had its initial close in September '19 with capital from C&A foundation and The Mills

Their main activity consists of providing long term loans to SME manufacturers in India, Bangladesh or Vietnam (revenues between USD 10 and 100 million) for adoption of more established impact technologies. Furthermore larger manufacturers could also receive funding from the Fund for adoption of highly disruptive and early-stage technologies .

In addition to the funding the Fund also provides access to technical, environmental & social and financial expertise.