Habitat et Humanisme

Habitat et Humanisme aims to help families and individuals in need to find a decent and affordable home and to support them on the way to better social integration. The shelters are either individual apartments or social housing ("pensions de famille", intergenerational houses, refugee centers, etc.). They are located in socially mixed neighborhoods and close to transportation and services, and are staffed by professional social workers and volunteers.

From the beginning, Habitat et Humanisme has focused on innovation and social entrepreneurship. It has created socially oriented economic and financial tools to support its work. Key to its model are its "socially responsible" non profit real estate company and its "socially engaged real estate agencies". 56 local associations operate throughout France. Associations have also been recently created in Belgium and Luxembourg.

Housing: Through its real estate company, Habitat et Humanisme owns more than 4500 housing units and is able to rent out another 4500 housing units thanks to private and institutional partners.

Support for better social inclusion: Nearly 5000 volunteers help social workers to support Habitat et Humanisme beneficiaries (health, administration, employment, etc.).

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