Hivos Impact Investments

Hivos Impact Investments sets up and manages impact funds and direct investments that align with the humanistic principles of Hivos Foundation in order to support and create more open and green societies.

Hivos Impact Investments aims to create impact as well as financial return. They primarily invest in social enterprises, typically SMEs and early stage growth start-ups. The organisation currently has two funds under management.

  • Hivos Mideast Creatives Fund, investing in creative industries in the MENA, particularly Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon and Tunis. Creative entrepreneurs contribute to more freedom of expression, freedom of speech, youth and female employment.
  • Hivos Food & Lifestyle Fund, investing in innovative companies that promote better food systems, a more local and organic food market and/or shorter farm to fork distribution This fund targets Southern Africa, particularly Malawi, South Africa, Zambia and Zimbabwe.