Kampani invests in businesses of producer organisations of smallholder farmers located in selected countries in the South. The investment targets can be businesses which produce, process, trade and/or market agro supply, farming products and its derivatives. By targeting the missing middle (ticket size between 100k and Eur 500k), Kampani aims to increase the farmers' income, improve their position in agricultural value chains, and contribute to the safeguarding of our planet.

Kampani was set up by a consortium of NGOs and the private sector as a commercial growth capital fund, yet adapted to the particularities of producer organisations in the south, and focusing on social and development impact instead of financial gain for the investor. It will provide equity or quasi equity for long term investments, strengthening balance sheets and providing patient capital. As such, it leaves providing trade financing or collateralise debt to others.

Kampani's greatest strength lies in combining the expertise of traditional investment fund management with the on-the-ground network of the NGO-shareholders. Kampani's investments will systematically be combined with continued capacity building, training and other forms of support.

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