Created in 2014, Kimso is a consultancy dedicated to social impact assessment which aims at reporting on what really matters by listening to what everyone has to say in a simple and non-simplifying way. Kimso is committed to sharing its knowledge and to empowering social purpose organisations to be autonomous in their impact assessment process.

With nearly 250 missions carried out for more than 120 clients, the team has developed a detailed knowledge of certain subjects such as equal opportunities, precariousness (financial, energy, digital), ageing well, disability and support for caregivers, as well as employee commitment and philanthropy.

In 2021, Kimso integrated the digital platform Impact Tools, which allows a social purpose organisation to pilot its impact assessment autonomously. The Impact Tools platform gathers the whole evaluation cycle (scoping, indicators, questionnaire, and data analysis) in a single easy-to-use tool with data collection and reporting being automated.

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