LadyAgri Impact Investment Hub

LadyAgri is the bridge between the investment-financing and donor communities, advanced ag-tech companies and services providers, and African & Small Island Developing States women agricultural entrepreneurs. LadyAgri is an innovative investment model for unlocking public-private investment to drive an inclusive women-led agricultural transformation.

LadyAgri impact investment hub is built on 3 pillars in order to build a supporting ecosystem for women entrepreneurs in agri-value chains in Africa and Small Island Developing States.

Pillar 1: Technical Assistance: Technical assistance, coaching, mentoring of Women agri-entrepreneurs so they may grow their agri-businesses, access new markets and reach bankable status.

Pillar 2: Agri-Finance: Linking Women and Gender smart agri-businesses with the finance community, social impact funds, through which women agri-entrepreneurs can develop and upscale their businesses.

Pillar 3: agri-technology & B2B partnership: Agri-business B2B partnerships, engaging the private sector in the drive to bring new agri-equipment, food processing technology, packaging to the agri-value and food supply chains improving quality and guaranteeing market access.

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