Nutawa sagl

Nutawa sagl is a limited liability firm founded in 2011 and registered in Bellinzona, Switzerland. Nutawa is a boutique advisory specialised in advice on climate technologies, the arrangement of climate finance and the creation of additional revenue streams for greenhouse gas reduction projects.

Nutawa focuses on realising sound projects on a commercial basis by mobilising soft sources of finance.

Nutawa expects to contribute to the EVPA community by facilitating access to soft finance for worthy projects, programmes & business, and on the other hand by providing access to investment opportunities that fit EVPA member priorities. In many of these cases, Nutawa will be able to generate additional revenues and/or provide third party proof of the soundness of the investments.

Examples of Nutawa's advisory services are:

  • Advice on suitable sources of climate finance and preparation of climate finance proposal documentation for the Affordable Housing and Urban Renewal Project in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, under contract with the Asian Development Bank (ADB).
  • Validation and verification of greenhouse gas emission reduction projects under contract with RINA Services SpA. Projects types covered include hydro-power, wind-power, biomass to power, and utilisation of gas associated with oil wells.
  • Identification and financing services for greenhouse gas mitigation and climate change adaptation projects in North Africa and the Middle East, funded by the European Commission. Project types covered include renewable energy, energy efficiency, etc.
  • Assistance in the arrangement of funding, including concessional funding from the Green Climate Fund, for a series of solar PV projects in Sub-Saharan Africa, for a series of solar PV projects in Latin America, and for a series of geothermal power projects in Latin America, on behalf of private sector clients.


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