Phineo gAG

PHINEO is a non-profit research and analysis institute and consultancy for impact-driven civic engagement. PHINEO's mission is to strengthen the civil society and social impact in order to solve society's toughest challenges. They see both Impact Investing and Impact Donations as powerful catalysers to address these challenges.

Impact Investing: They advise social investors on how to participate in impact investing opportunities and thereby strengthen the German impact investing market. Their activities include research, market building and consulting.

  • Research - Through their sector reports, studies and investment examples, they aim to analyse and discuss Impact Investing from different perspectives and increase the transparency in the German and European Impact Investing market.
  • Market building - Through their publications, targeted public relations work and active contribution to industry initiatives, they support the development of this market.
  • Consulting - They advise social investors regarding the conceptual design, development and the launch of new impact investment vehicles (e.g. Social Impact Bonds). Additionally, they support social investors in integrating strategic impact targets in their investment strategy.

Impact Donations: They identify projects with an exceptional high potential to achieve impact and to bring about social change and award them with the PHINEO impact-label ("Wirkt-Siegel"). Furthermore, PHINEO advise social investors about donating to high-impact non-profit organisations and projects that suit their philanthropic plans.

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