PLMJ Foundation

Mission & Vision: Promotion and divulgation of Portuguese and international culture, focusing particularly on the Portuguese-speaking universe. To advocate the promotion and divulgation of contemporary art, within a time interval increasingly centred on the artistic creations of the 21st century. To create innovative solutions with social impact, as a corollary to the social ethics of its founding entity, the PLMJ law firm.

Main Activities: Editorial projects, Organisation of art exhibitions in Portugal and abroad, Acquisition of works of art, Seminars and conferences on diversified cultural matters, Initiatives aiming to bring together Art and the science of Law. Such is the inevitable consequence of a healthy rapport between the founding entity (PLMJ Law Firm) and the founded entity (PLMJ Foundation). Hence, throughout the Foundation's history the following initiatives (among others) were carried out:

  1. Delivery of pro bono legal advice to artists and cultural entities with specific needs, as well to entities of the social sector and also to impact investors in Portugal;
  2. Development of initiatives in an academic context aimed at bringing Art and Law together, such as courses on legal themes that may be of interest to the artistic community;
  3. Several partnerships with other private and public cultural and social entities;
  4. Several philanthropic acts, such as supporting artists, cultural initiatives with social and environmental impact.