Pontis Foundation

Pontis Foundation links together companies, non-governmental organisations, state institutions, communities, and individuals to make positive changes in education, responsible entrepreneurship, and fight against corruption and poverty in Slovakia.

Pontis Foundation strives to contribute to transforming Slovakia into a better country a place for free and responsible people who improve their lives and their surroundings. We want a prosperous and sustainable country, which is a good "global citizen". We want a country where people improve their skills, learn, are active and able to get employed or start their own businesses. We desire that this country provides a good environment for responsible entrepreneurship, in which, instead of oligarchs and corruption, it is wise, honest, creative, and hard-working people who thrive. We want a friendly environment for the ill or disadvantaged so that they feel accepted. We want this society to be tolerant towards minorities and promote diversity. For this we implement our activities in four strategic topics: corporate responsibility, education, transparency, and inclusiveness.