Portugal Inovação Social (EMPIS)

Portugal Inovação Social is a Portuguese public initiative created to develop the social investment market and promote social innovation and social entrepreneurship in Portugal, through the mobilisation of around 150 million euros of the European Social Fund within the Partnership Agreement Portugal 2020 (2014-2020).

To complete its mission, Portugal Inovação Social manages four finance instruments aimed at supporting innovative solutions to tackle social problems.

Goals of Portugal Inovação Social:

1) Promoting Social Innovation and Social Entrepreneurship in Portugal as a way to generate new solutions for key societal problems, complementing traditional approaches and responses

2) Fostering the social investment market in Portugal and developing financing instruments that suit the specific needs of both Social Economy and social innovation projects.

- Partnerships for Impact financing programme;

- Social Impact Bonds programme;

- Social Innovation Fund.

3) Improving the skills and competences of all players acting in the Portuguese social innovation and social entrepreneurship system. On the one hand, we want to contribute to the improvement of Social Economy Organisations responses and, on the other hand, contribute to its future sustainability.

Capacity Building for Social Investment

Geographic Scope: