Raintree Family office

Raintree Family Office was established by three partners, Leena Dandekar, Abha Dandekar and Vivek Dandekar with an objective of investing the family-owned funds towards various impact and ESG asset classes. The family has set aside a sizable sum for impact investments promoting innovation in climate solutions and circularity.

The family has been one of the few leading the way in impact investing in India. They have contributed to expand on the very nascent impact investing movement in India and have been instrumental with their capital and networks.

Raintree Foundation is the philanthropic arm of Raintree Family Office. Their aim is to build climate resilience for living landscapes. With a deep commitment towards promoting circularity and civic custodianship, the foundation has implemented various initiatives that have had a significant positive impact on vulnerable ecosystems and all its stakeholders.

The family is keen to explore various asset classes for investments in climate action, circularity, and sustainability. The partners of Raintree Family Office LLP are committed to the cause of mobilizing capital towards combatting the climate crisis. They believe that engaging with the global markets would help amplify their impact and work at a larger scale than in India alone.