Renault CareMakers

In line with its commitment to sustainable mobility for all, in mid-2012 the Renault group launched a programme of social entrepreneurship to help remove the mobility obstacles preventing low-income job seekers from accessing employment.

The program, developed in cooperation with partners from the charity sector, academia and public organisations, has three components:

- Renault Socially Responsible Garages: these garages in the Renault network volunteer to provide beneficiaries of the Renault Mobiliz program with a range of quality products and services at cost price. People on low incomes can buy a car or have their car repaired at a Renault Socially Responsible Garage.

- Mobiliz Invest s.a.s: this investment firm provides financing for businesses that offer innovative mobility solutions to improve the quality of life for socio-economically disadvantaged people.

- Renault sponsors the Business & Poverty Chair at HEC business school in Paris and participates in the Business and Poverty Action Tank, which seeks to contribute to a more inclusive society that creates more economic and societal value.

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