RP Legal & Tax

The firm was founded in 1949 in Turin, a city whose social, industrial and economic affairs have long been intertwined with those of the entire country.

With seven offices, we have a widespread presence, enabling us to better understand the specific nature and context of our clients’ work: companies, credit institutions, insurance institutions, financial intermediaries, investment funds, public and administrative bodies. Our intense desire to assist the community for social and solidarity purposes inspires and shapes our experience.

Coherent with our values, we have been among the first Italian law firms to set up a department entirely focused on ESG & Legal Impact assisting clients with reference to ESG factors, social entrepreneurship and impact investing.

Thanks to our specialized team, we assist our clients (enterprises, financial operators, non-profit entities) in the integration of ESG factors into their business strategy. More specifically, our team support the implementation of sustainability models; the drafting of corporate policies, ethical codes and contracts incorporating sustainability aims; due diligence activities aimed at the development of sustainable value chains; the obtainment of the qualification of Benefit Corporation, and governance provisions.

Furthermore, we assist our clients with regard to the normative and regulatory aspects of sustainable finance (SFDR and Taxonomy). We collaborate with consultancy firm and the academic world with the objective of assisting enterprises in B Corp certification processes; in the reporting and measurement of ESG impacts.

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