Social Entrepreneurs Ireland

Social Entrepreneurs Ireland helps early stage social entrepreneurs to maximise their potential impact in addressing social issues across Ireland by providing significant funding alongside in-depth technical and practical supports.

Social Entrepreneurs Ireland works with these high potential social entrepreneurs to enable them to maximise their impact because it believes that they provide the creativity, innovation and dynamism required to develop highly innovative and effective solutions to some of society's most pressing needs. At the core of their activities is their Social Entrepreneurs Ireland's activities in its Programme which provides financial investment and direct support to early stage social entrepreneurs through a four stage process: selection which identifies high potential social entrepreneurs; celebration which shares their stories with a wider audience; support which provides an investment package up to 130,000 and additional support to help them grow their organisations to deliver sustainable impact; and networking which helps them connect with the stakeholders that are going to be essential to their success.

Over the last 7 years Social Entrepreneurs Ireland supported 150 social entrepreneurs, investing over 4 million in their projects, and providing significant additional supports. These in turn have directly impacted over 170.000 people across Ireland and created over 800 employment opportunities in the process.