Social Nest Foundation

Social Nest Foundation is a global platform that connects, inspires and educates entrepreneurs, investors, governments, and corporates, providing them with needed resources, opportunities and tailored guidance so they can create solutions to the world's most pressing challenges.

Founded in 2010 as a pioneering entity in the field of impact in Spain, its vision is to form a global community of people and organisations united in building a better future for all through actions that seek to have a high social and environmental impact.

Social Nest Foundation carries out its mission by working in three strategic areas:

  • Startup Support: It supports founders and start-ups which are using businesses to create social and environmental impact.
  • Investors Platform: It inspires, educates and connects asset owners and asset managers to mobilise capital towards sustainability and impact, especially in Europe and emerging economies
  • Tech for Impact: It supports tech organisations and ecosystems providing content and making connections that drives social change.

At the same time, Social Nest Foundation promotes diversity and inclusion in each of the programs that it leads, as well as building a vibrant community of impact makers across all strategic areas.