Sumerian Foundation

Philanthropy is society's highest risk capital and is critical to creating a fairer and more sustainable economy. Sumerian Partners believe it can be used to develop new solutions that deliver lasting impact at scale. But they also believe that most philanthropy can be far more effectively deployed. They have the track record to prove it. They advise and manage philanthropic capital for leading foundations, high net worth and corporates who share their belief.

They are an outsourced foundation where they provide the following services including managing philanthropic capital on behalf of their clients:

  • Assisting in developing a long term philanthropic strategy
  • Sourcing, analysing and recommending best-of-breed organisations
  • Structuring grants or other returnable capital instruments to maximize impact
  • Providing a blend of proactive business and financial support at the governance -level to help them achieve greater impact
  • Mobilizing and leveraging capital in support of philanthropic goals
  • Monitoring and reporting results
  • Managing philanthropic capital in a tax efficient vehicle for clients that prefer to outsource all of their philanthropic endeavours

Their ultimate goal is for families and foundations to deploy their capital as effectively as they manage their business assets and make a lasting difference.