Teple Misto

Their mission is to be an innovative platform for creating possibilities and social transformations. On the example of Ivano-Frankivsk to encourage changes in Ukraine and beyond.

Their vision is one of a progressive modern warm city with warm people in it. Warm attitude, warm cafes, warm people, warm relations, the "small is beautiful" ethic. You get a sensation that here is something more than money can buy, a feeling of touching some profound values through simple people around you. And hence a striking difference from the "corporate culture" of great cities arises. "Warm" means also natural, devoid of any artificiality. Absence of artificiality manifests itself in everything: materials, food, nature, relations. "Warm" means to have an individual character. This is by no means an attempt to catch up with the modern trends, this is a search for our own essence and a demonstration of the most positive aspects of this. If it's a question of competition, people and businesses only compete in generating more warmth.