Tiresia (Technology Innovation and Research for Social Impact)

TIRESIA is the research centre promoted by the School of Management of the Polytechnic University of Milan dealing with impact economy and its implications in the disciplines of management, innovation and finance.

TIRESIA offers an innovative and transformative perspective on the way of doing business and finance. It has a hybrid approach combining research, education, advisory and experiential learning, and it has contributed to establishing the Polytechnic University of Milan in the top ten of the leading universities providing teaching and research on the topic of social impact finance at the global level in the ranking developed by the MacArthur Foundation. Their mission is studying and interpreting the ongoing transformation in the impact economy ecosystem, analysing economic and business paradigms, and policies. TIRESIA enhances the capacity of individuals and organisations to embrace global and innovative solutions to complex societal problems.

The research centre is specialised in impact economy and social impact finance.