UBS Optimus Foundation

We are an independent foundation linked to a global wealth manager staffed with philanthropy and thematic experts. With an approach that takes advantage of our unique global network, we’re taking a leading role in driving impactful philanthropy that delivers breakthrough solutions to social and environmental issues. We know that solving these issues requires collaborative initiatives that make real impact on a large scale.

So, we’re taking smart risks on evidence-based, scalable solutions with diverse partners. Together we’re improving health, education and child protection systems as well as tackling environmental degradation and climate change – as this is an important path to a sustainable future.

Philanthropists and changemakers choose to work with us because we take their passions personally, providing a variety of giving and social investing options – and we’re taking that journey with them. And they know that because of our expertise, innovation and network, we’re successfully finding bold solutions, giving them the powerful impact they want.