Una Terra Venture Capital Impact Fund

Una Terra was born out of a common desire: to make the world a more sustainable place.
Our partners wanted to find a way for People, Profit and Planet to exist together in harmony – and through their unrivalled experience knew the only way to deliver on this goal was to find and help grow proven sustainable technologies.

Since our inception and using the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as a blueprint for our investment strategy, we have’ve been helping to create the next generation of industry leading ESG impact businesses dedicated to solving the world’s toughest challenges, starting with preserving and restoring biodiversity while also mitigating climate change.

Una Terra is a €200M Series A+ venture capital impact fund accelerating European scale-ups that are fostering solutions to nature and biodiversity loss, and targeting the removal from the environment of 2 Gt of CO2e and 1 Mt of plastic waste by 2030, by leveraging the experience of its general partners a) advising the CEO on strategy, b) making productive customer & partners referrals, c) growing the team with top candidate introductions and d) helping closing following financing rounds, thus resulting in over 3.5-4.5X gross MOIC track record investing in sustainable technologies.