We Share

We Share is a not-for-profit which focuses on helping anyone connect with and accelerate local solutions to global challenges defined by the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Our aim is to increase the success rate of early-stage impact entrepreneurs.

We Share offers a community-funding platform where individuals and organizations can directly support innovative projects with their donations and guidance. Via their donations, startups receive patient capital in the form of a loan to grow their business. After paying back the loan, the circular funding system is created - the repaid money is re-invested to support new impact startups. This way, startups have higher chances of success and more impact entrepreneurs get supported in a sustainable way.

What if we could change a profit driven economy to a value economy?

What if money isn't the primary motivation to start an investment but the impact that you could make is?

What if we could empower entrepreneurs to help solve our global challenges?

Not for profit, but for impact.

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