Wilstar Social Impact

Wilstar is a non-profit venture which is focused on social impact and supporting people who initiate sustainable lasting change to create a better world.

Wilstar is the nonprofit social impact arm of the Arne Wilhelmsen family office and a space in which the Wilhelmsen family feel they can most effectively contribute to our society. Awilhelmsen is an investment company located in Oslo, Norway. There has always been a clear family philosophy that Awilhelmsen should create value for society as well as pursuing its commercial goals. Historically the family has responded to many philanthropic requests and has been very proud of the impact they have managed to create around the world.

Wilstar Social Impact's focus is to support social entrepreneurs to scale and become more self sustaining in the areas of education, women's empowerment and marine environment protection.

  • Education is the core to all future success in any society and their focus will be to nurture education for all and to encourage the use of art to build self-esteem and connect different cultures and identities.
  • As their business, historically, had a strong relationship to the sea, their vision is to provide encouragement to entrepreneurs trying to protect land and marine environments.
  • They strive to protect and enhance human dignity and women's rights. In an increasingly multicultural society, they hope to nurture tolerance and respect.