Angela Oduor Lungati


Angela Oduor Lungati is a technologist, community builder and an open source software advocate. She is passionate about building and using appropriate technology tools to create impact in lives of marginalised groups. With over 10 years experience, she currently serves as the Executive Director at Ushahidi, a global non-profit technology company that builds tools for democratising information, increasing transparency and lowering barriers for individuals to raise their voices. She previously served as the Director of Community Engagement, creating and managing programs for Ushahidi's diverse global community,

She is also a co-founder at AkiraChix, a non-profit organisation that nurtures generations of women who use technology to develop innovations and solutions for Africa.

About Ushahidi and the COVID-19 Response

Ushahidi is a non-profit organisation that provides equal access to technology, information and skills for people to effectively solve problems in their communities using open source technology tools that allow for large scale data collection and management. In the last month, they have seen more than 460+ COVID-19 related deployments of the Ushahidi platform, spread over all continents. In an excellent demonstration of the power of collective intelligence, they've seen communities turn to crowdsourcing platforms like theirs, self-organising to provide mutual aid, document COVID-19 testing experiences, and create visibility on where to access essential resources. You can see more of these deployments and their stories on