Eric Buckens


Eric Buckens is Director ABN AMRO Social Impact Investments. He has been leading the ABN AMRO Social Impact Fund since 2012, a venture capital fund that invests in social enterprises and innovative instruments, such as social impact bonds.

Within ABN AMRO Bank he also chairs the SE Platform in which the bank's efforts on social impact and social enterprises are coordinated, and has been involved in the developments of social impact since 2008 both inside and outside the bank. He was a board member of the Dutch Board of Oikocredit, one of the leading international microfinance organisations, for 7 years.

In total, Eric has over 27 years of experience in international finance, of which 7 years in Asia. As an investment professional, he has worked in asset management for 12 years and in private wealth management for 8 years. In total, he has over 10 years of experience in private equity and venture capital.