Tom Kagerer

LGT Venture Philanthropy

As Investment Director, Tom deploys philanthropic growth capital to organizations and companies with effective, innovative and scalable solutions to social and environmental challenges. In his role he covers the whole life-cycle of philanthropic investments, from sourcing all the way through to exit.

In his previous role as Head of Impact Management at LGT VP and LGT Lightstone, Tom was leading the impact measurement and management activities within the firm. He coordinated impact evaluation activities, social performance data management and reporting. In his first role as Head of Talent at LGT VP, Tom connected portfolio organizations with professionals that desire to apply their knowledge in a meaningful way. In 2009, Tom worked with Heart Social Investments, a social enterprise incubator in Cape Town, South Africa, to support social enterprises addressing the needs of low-income customers. Before joining the philanthropic sector, Tom spent 9 years with BMW in Germany and UK. He gained experience in different management positions, in-house consulting, call-center management, dealer operations and IT. Tom holds a bachelor's degree in computer science from the University of Applied Science of Munich, Germany.