Our policy work is instrumental in shaping and promoting EU and national policies that enable a thriving impact ecosystem.

Delivering transformative change is a lot easier when you have the ear of policymakers. Through advocacy, thought-leadership and insightful analysis, we give the Impact Europe community ways to make policy work for impact. Our case studies show how public-private partnerships work and why they matter.

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> Amplify impact investors’ voices this election year through member meetups and exchanges with policymakers 

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> Get an insider’s view on EU funding for impact at Impact Week sessions 

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Greatest hits

> Impact Manifesto: The EU must harness the transformative power of impact investors to accelerate the transition to a more competitive, innovative, sustainable and inclusive economy. We’ve launched a join Manifesto to propose how, together with signatories including National Advisory Boards and the Global Steering Group for impact investment.

> SFDR: Our community advocated to tailor EU’s Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR) to deliver positive impact for people and planet. We amplified their voices in a joint letter to the European Commission, op-eds, podcasts and more. 

> EU Funding Watch: The guide to two trillion euros of EU funding for impact.

> Social Economy: We leveraged the insights of our membership community to produce four recommendations for developing social economy frameworks within the Social Economy Action Plan, all of which were reflected in the council recommendation – a win for impact investors! We also consulted and advised on the Social Economy Gateway, improving the platform to fully represent the impact investing community.

> Just transition: Get insights on how to invest in climate neutrality while safeguarding social inclusion.