Our policy work is instrumental in shaping and promoting EU and national policies that enable a thriving impact ecosystem.  

Delivering transformative change is a lot easier when you have the ear of policymakers. Through advocacy, thought-leadership and insightful analysis, we give the Impact Europe community ways to make policy work for impact. Our case studies show how public-private partnerships work and why they matter.

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Coming in 2023

>Further analysis of New Financial Instruments: Impact investors are key actors for effective deployment of more than two trillion euros of EU financial instruments for recovery and green transition. We break down how it works and how you can benefit. 

>Social Innovation report: a special report to familiarise the impact community with the policy frameworks and financial opportunities offered under EU Social Innovation. 

>Online meetups to put EU policy and funding in context of impact areas such as skills

>Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR): Financial market participants are disclosing sustainability information on their products to align with the EU's goals on sustainable economic growth. Join our webinar "SFDR and the Impact Ecosystem: Implications and Next Steps" on 21 June and share your SFDR experiences to shape EU-level discussions. Stay tuned for our position paper coming in Q4.  

Greatest hits

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>Pact for Skills

>Just Transition