Market Building in MENA

MENA’s most impactful organisations and seasoned European players come together to drive impact further and wider: that’s Impact Together!

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To build a thriving impact ecosystem in the Middle East and North Africa, we need the power of together!

Impact Together! leverages know-how and network to strengthen the social economy in the EU Southern Neighbourhood, increasing access to finance for social enterprises. Together with regional partners, we’re working to foster an expanded, inclusive economy that not only creates lasting impact – but creates jobs, too.    

MENA’s most impactful organisations and seasoned European players come together to drive impact further and wider: that’s Impact Together!  


> Launching new impact funds and optimising existing ones, with smarter use of EU funding 
> Building a thriving community of impact people, with networking, events and a meaningful exchange of global perspectives
> Getting new impact stakeholders up to speed, with tailored education opportunities and peer learning 
> Enhancing policy dialogue so policymakers, businesses, local actors and social partners co-operate and share their experience at the national, regional and EU levels – and beyond! 
> Amplifying the wisdom and achievements of impact players in the region – because these are the stories the impact world needs to hear! 

Get together! 

Impact Together! intends to strengthen the impact ecosystem in MENA – that means supporting each impact player based on their needs. From impact funds to social economy support organisations, there’s a role for many in this collaboration: capacity builders, networking organisations and advocacy players are all welcome. And if this sounds like you, please get in touch!

The power of together 

Impact Europe's network and know-how provide widely applicable best practices and insights, based on 20 years as Europe’s premier impact finance community. We'll also leverage our learnings from the Collaborate for Impact project, which continues to build the impact ecosystem for the Eastern Partnership countries. 

It’s the local partners, however, that will bring it all together. MENA’s impact funds and support organisations have assembled to lend their expertise and take action on the region’s specific best practices, challenges and solutions. 

Hivos Foundation – Regional Partner. Working hand-in-hand with EVPA at the regional level to bring its experience and expertise in direct engagement with impact businesses.

Enroot – Egypt. Focusing on investor networks and impact investment awareness, social entrepreneurship support and capacity building.

Alfanar – Lebanon & Jordan. Strengthening activities in Lebanon, investing in promising impact businesses; establishing a local presence in Jordan, with first investments in Jordanian social enterprises.

Happy Smala – Morocco. Developing a financing vehicle and offering financing to social enterprises; mobilising local donors and potential impact investors.

BuildPalestine – Palestine. Mobilising local resources and decreasing reliance on aid and external funding; sharing solutions that work in a politically and economically challenging environment. 

Impact Partner – Tunisia. Building impact investor communities to mobilise local and diaspora resources; creating a sustainable flow of financing for impact businesses.  

The Impact Together! project is funded by the European Union.