From Davos to Kyiv

From Davos to Kyiv

One thing they’re right about in Davos: the social economy is key to rebuilding Ukraine. And now Ukraine’s impact leaders are teaming up to make it happen.

On 17 January at the World Economic Forum, the Impact Business acceleration program launched, thanks to Impact Force, a Ukrainian NGO powered and supported by numerous Ukrainian and international partners – including the Ukrainian Social Venture Fund (USVF). The in-depth program was created for the active businesses registered in Ukraine that will contribute to post-war recovery and create positive and lasting social impact, with an estimated increase of $250+ million towards the GDP of Ukraine over 5 years.

Alena Kalibaba, Co-founder SILab Ukraine and СЕО of USVF, remarked on this occasion: 

“Full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine has changed our vision of the role of business in society. It is already clear that the business cannot work according to the old rules: I sell a product and make a profit. Ukraine needs recovery, and therefore business must become responsible and not only generate profit, but also bring qualitative changes...”