SILab Ukraine is a professional platform for:

  • Social entrepreneurship and social innovation development.
  • Impact investment promotion
  • Social partnership building

Their mission is to build an ecosystem of social entrepreneurship and social innovations development as tools for the formation of social responsibility culture in society.

They strongly believe that positive social and economic changes in our society will take place only when every Ukrainian bears personal social responsibility for their family, community and country. The implementation of social responsibility might take place with the help of various tools. SILab Ukraine distinguishes two main ones - social entrepreneurship and social innovations.

Their main activities are aimed at:

  • promoting the creation of new social enterprises and supporting the experienced ones;
  • stimulating social innovations among civil society organisations and social entrepreneurs;
  • cultivating social investment practice;
  • mobilising communities and strengthening social partnerships to achieve social impact;
  • upholding a favourable environment for the development of social entrepreneurship, social innovation and impact investment.