Inversión Filantrópica e Inversión de Impacto Social en Europa 2012/2013

2013 in a primary school
Geoff Wilson, Rayne Foundation

Spanish Translation of "EVPA yearly survey 2012/2013 - European venture philanthropy and social investment"

This publication gives you an all-compassing report of EVPA's annual survey 2012/2013. Three years of data has allowed us to analyse numerous interesting trends and evolutions in our sector. Below we highlight the most striking ones:

  • The European venture philanthropy and social investment sector continues to grow. Support for the societal purpose organisations through the VP/SI method continues to increase.
  • There is a trend towards more paid employees and pro bono supporters, and less unpaid volunteers. The survey also found that the total number of paid employees increased, as well as the average staff size.
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