Impact Film with Alina & Rafael

Episode 33 of Impact People

Ben DeVries |
Impact Film with Alina & Rafael

It took courage to open Ukraine’s first museum run by visually impaired people. Then the full-scale invasion began. Our new impact film, Underseen, tells the story of Alina Marnenko, the founder of a museum run by the visually impaired, as she navigates the meaning of her “Museum in the Dark” in the darkness of wartime. Alina joins us, along with Rafael Cortes, director of the documentary. We talk inclusivity, social enterprises in Ukraine, the unique approach to making a film for a visually impaired audience and more.  

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>Deia Media, Rafael's production company

The Museum in the Dark was financially supported through the Collaborate for Impact project, which aims to build the impact economy in Ukraine and neighbouring countries. Underseen and Collaborate for Impact were realised thanks to support from the European Union. 

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