Impactful Funds & Friends - Part 1

Impact People episode live from ChangeNOW

Juliane Unger |
Impactful Funds & Friends - Part 1

15 impact funds pitched at the Funds for Change event, co-organized by Impact Europe during ChangeNOW in Paris. We spoke to the impact people behind the funds about their work, the challenges they face and the way forward. Join us live, in the middle of the Circle Stage at ChangeNOW.

In part 1 of this two-part series, you will hear more from Stefano Bernardi (Unruly Capital), Dr. Dami Adeyemi-Levites (HealthCap), Monica A. Altamirano de Jong (WaterEquity), Marc Sabas (1.5 Fund), Peter Akpotosu-Nartey (Impact Newcomers), Petr Vitek (Tilia Impact Ventures), Judith-Laure Mamou-Mani (Mirova), Joshua Haynes (Masawa), Stefanie Kneer (Three Hills), Ross Brugs (Katapult Ocean Fund), Gesa Micasaika (Auxxo), Romain Diaz (Satgana), Erwann Le Ligné (Eurazeo), Natalie Wong (Blue Orchad), Alexanteri Tuomainen (Taaleri), Imène Maharzi (indefi), Kevin Tayebaly (ChangeNOW) and Sophie Faujour (Impact Europe).

Stay tuned for part 2!