Guarantee companies unlock African infrastructure finance

New mechanisms will make it easier for green energy projects to tap local investors

Guarantee companies unlock African infrastructure finance
Source: Financial Times

To solve our greatest social and environmental challenges, we need to make more capital impact capital, and more stakeholders impact stakeholders. We teamed up with Financial Times to show that all investors can be impact investors.

FT’s special report looks at funds that put social pay-offs first — from greener energy in Nigeria to new jobs in the UK. Plus: pharma’s funding gap, biodiversity credits, and faith-based finance.


Nigeria may be Africa’s largest economy — its powerhouse, even — but power cuts remain a frequent occurrence. The country’s grid has only half the capacity required to serve its 210mn inhabitants reliably.

Fixing that will require massive investment — which president Muhammadu Buhari, whose tenure ends in May, has sought through multilateral financing and Chinese-backed loans denominated in US dollars. But, for now, that still leaves many businesses reliant on expensive, dirty diesel generators for back-up power.


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