The other 96 per cent: how to put more charitable assets to work

It’s not enough to focus on grant-making alone — foundations should generate impact using all of their money.

The other 96 per cent: how to put more charitable assets to work
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Impact investing is growing, but too slowly given the staggering annual funding gap of USD2.5 trillion to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals by 2030. And the greatest challenges for people and planet won’t stand for half measures. We need much, much more impact capital to increase prosperity and social progress for all, eliminate inequalities and injustices and preserve the planet.

That's why we've teamed up with the Financial Times for the second time to put impact in the big headlines and on the front pages. And to mobilise more mainstream capital for impact.


In 2021, the 300 largest foundations in the UK gave away a record £3.7bn to charities and individuals in need. That money had a huge impact on the world.

But what of the other £87.3bn of assets that those foundations controlled through their charitable endowments? They represented 96 per cent of the money at the foundations’ disposal at the time. What impact did those assets have? And, more importantly, what impact could they have had?

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