Investors channel funds to safeguard biodiversity

Markets are responding to rising concern about the effects of ecosystem loss

Investors channel funds to safeguard biodiversity
© Alexis Rosenfeld/Getty Images

To solve our greatest social and environmental challenges, we need to make more capital impact capital, and more stakeholders impact stakeholders. We teamed up with Financial Times to show that all investors can be impact investors.

FT’s special report looks at funds that put social pay-offs first — from greener energy in Nigeria to new jobs in the UK. Plus: pharma’s funding gap, biodiversity credits, and faith-based finance.


Addressing the COP15 biodiversity conference in December 2022, UN secretary-general António Guterres was unsparing in his vision of the consequences of ecosystem loss. “We are committing suicide by proxy,” he declared. “Because the loss of nature and biodiversity comes with a steep human cost . . . lost jobs, hunger, diseases and deaths [and an] estimated $3tn in annual losses by 2030.”

Averting catastrophe, he said, would require bold government intervention, and recognition by the private sector that “profit and protection must go hand-in-hand”.


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