‘They gave me $40 and a bus ticket’ — helping former prison inmates

How one US company is using impact investing to get people back on their feet after release.

‘They gave me $40 and a bus ticket’ — founder of platform helping former prison inmates
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Sitting in a small room in his apartment block’s co-working space in Yonkers, New York, Andre Peart joins a 10am call with his IT team halfway across the country.

The 33-year-old chief executive and founder of Untapped Solutions is chatting to colleagues about technology updates to their free platform which, since 2020, has offered support to people coming out of prison — helping them to find jobs, and access healthcare and education.

Besides being a case management system, the platform offers a subscription service to non-profit and government bodies, for job referrals, and also creates reports on former inmates’ progress.

Information logged on the system can then be analysed to show organisations what they can do to help people more quickly and efficiently.