20 For 24

Our impact list for the new year

20 For 24
The xmas present that came late, shipped from Australia. The discarded holiday trees waiting on the streets for garbage collection (or, if they're lucky, a second life with fish). Those deranged crocuses in the park who really don't know it's still winter but have the nerve to be all yellow and bright anyway. People marching into gyms, yoga classes mat to mat to mat to mat, everyone with the idea of improve! improve! optimize body, optimize mind! the hope! this year will be OUR YEAR.         

Manic hope is still hope. Hope that will be forgotten in March is still hope. It still takes us through our days. It lets us not give up. It still runs through January with the silvery sound of hinges. Oh, month of doors, open, open, open...         

Between New Year's resolution stress, post-holiday-blues, gray weather and the poly crisis, we have 20 news and stories that give us hope for the new year. 


1/20 Impact takes the stage. 

Impact Week was wild and wonderful – and full of big conversations, that you can now listen to from home or on the go. The new year has even more main-stage impact up its sleeve: Impact Week 2024 will take place in Bilbao 27-29 November - mark your calendars!

2/20 Change has never tasted better. 

The FutureFoodMakers are radically rethinking food systems to meet the demands of a growing global population in a healthy and sustainable way. Read their Menu for Change.  

3/20 Things are moving. 

The Amsterdam edition of the Table of Trust, which we co-hosted with the Laudes Foundation, was all about movement. Read our reflections on what moves us, what obstacles stand in the way of movement and how to lead a movement.

4/20 Trust is in! 

Very much in line with Davos 2024’s theme “Rebuilding Trust”, we’ll continue or Table of Trust series this year and explore how to move from trust to action.  

5/20 Higher learning. 

Our 10-week advanced peer learning program on impact measurement and management will help you accelerate your journey to positive change for people and planet. Start your year right!

6/20 Even higher! 

Impact Europe members can benefit from our new subscription model that gives full access to three specialised online courses:   

7/20 Focus on the good. 

This episode of Focus on Impact brings the intentionality element of impact investing into practice and explores its links with measurability and additionality – together with Aglaé Touchard Le Drian, Managing Partner and Co-Head of RAISE Impact.  

8/20 More Impact Together! 

Over the last few years, our market building efforts have kickstarted impact ecosystems all around Europe’s neighbourhood. Impact Together!  joins the effort as our new and dedicated project in the MENA region.

9/20 Impact leaders stand up for the planet. 

A new book tells the story of inspiring women in social and environmental impact, featuring chapters from Roberta Bosurgi and Leslie Johnston, our CEO and Board Chair respectively. 

10/20 No chance for impact washing. 

The SpainNAB Funds Task Force is making the case for keeping some so-called impact vehicles out of bounds. It’s an effort to thwart impact-washing – one of the main risks threatening capital mobilisation toward otherwise underserved social and environmental challenges.

11/20 Forget about forgetting.

New Alzheimer's drugs offer hope for slowing the disease. Join impact investors in our Community of Practice on Health who are committed to SDG3 to ensure healthy lives. Or connect with peers, foster collaboration and maximize impact in one of our other communities of practice. There's something for everyone.

12/20 Tailoring SFDR for impact. 

When only 15% of SDGs are on track, making the Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR) more fit for purpose can help finance the gap. Read our recommendations.

13/20 Hopeful voices. 

In this live episode of Impact People, we discussed with Myrna Atalla (Alfanar), Gevorg Poghosyan (Impact Hub Yerevan) and Anna Gulevska-Chernysh (SILab Ukraine, Ukrainian Social Venture Fund) what it takes to make an impact when your context is crisis.  

14/20 Talking sense. 

Anne Gerset, Investment Director of makesense spoke to us about pre-seed impact finance, risk mitigation, catalytic capital and additionality. 

15/20 Shaping corporate impact. 

Share your insights on corporate impact investing and contribute to our upcoming publication that explores the current state of corporate impact investing, its synergies with other business areas and best practice examples. Stay tuned, we will launch the report at Business of Impact from 12 to 13 June in The Hague.  

16/20 Promoting comparability. 

Together with Impact Frontiers, we are organizing Impact Reporting Norms on 6 February. Join us!  

17/20 Impact Walk & Talk. 

Rana Eltanbadawy from Enroot took a stroll with our Impact People podcast host Benjamin DeVries right outside our Impact Week home in Torino. They chatted about Impact Together!, building the impact space in Egypt and more. Come take a walk with us!  

18/20 Smarter regulations for impact investors. 

There’s great potential for Europe’s policies to better support what impact investors do best: deploy capital to solve social and environmental challenges. Read what impact investors seek from policymakers.

19/20 Together through thick and thin. 

Despite inflation our membership fees stayed the same in 2023 and 2024. If you become a member now, you'll get two free tickets for our unmissable Impact Week in Bilbao. And you can benefit from a 5% discount in case of a two-year commitment and a 10% discount if you commit for three years.  

20/20 Year-long impact. 

Plan your year, sign up for communities of practice and see upcoming events here.